Social Workers Build Hope and Promote Positive Change

In Individuals, families and communities

Social Workers
Help People
Get Back on Track

They help people reduce stress
and find better ways of coping

Social Workers Guide People Through Life’s Unpredictable Journey

They offer hope, grounded in practical problem-solving expertise

Social Workers: Experienced,
Educated, Ethical

Few professions match social work
for its wide variety of work settings
and range of services

Social Workers Bridge the Gap Between Problems and Solutions

They help people connect the dots


Dear Social Work Student:

The Ontario Association of Social Workers (OASW) congratulates you on your choice of social work as a profession. A career in social work provides a diverse range of exciting opportunities in which to apply the knowledge and skills you will be acquiring in your social work program.

We hope that you will have a productive academic year. As the term begins, we wanted to highlight a few exciting OASW membership benefits/resources: 

  • The OASW publication, Tips and Advice on Conducting a Social Work Job Search (Revised April 2013), with topics including: today's social work job market; how jobs can be located; what employers want; a self-assessment; job search on the Internet, networking; a job search tool kit; the job interview; and much more. 
  • OASW's Job Search Initiative, the goal of which is to provide OASW members with short-term access to Experienced Social Workers who can demystify the job search process and provide advice and perspective on job search strategies. 
  • OASW's online job search site,, which is affiliated with Workopolis to provide a comprehensive job-networking tool. The user-friendly website enables Association members to not only search for social work positions but also make job applications online and post CVs. 
  • A new video on the differences between OASW and OCSWSSW (Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers) by Gillian McCloskey, Associate Executive Director. There are two other short new videos in this section: Executive Director Joan MacKenzie Davies provides an overview of OASW including its mandate and why students join; and Shira Moalem, OASW Student Director (2011-2013), talking about what students say about the value of membership within the Association. 

Please click on the screens below to launch the videos:

 JMDStudent Vid
What is OASW?
What is the Association's mandate?
Why should students join OASW?

 GMStudent Vid
  How is OASW's role separate
  and distinct from OCSWSSW?


Shira Student Vid 
What do students have to say
about the value of OASW

 OASWStudent Benefits Vid
OASW - What's in it for Students?


There are many benefits of becoming a member of OASW: 

  • Stay current and save time with critical information.
  • Make your voice heard by joining in collective advocacy to benefit society and social work clients.
  • Ensure that decision-makers recognize the contribution of social workers.
  • Network and engage with colleagues at the local and provincial levels. And so much more.

Student membership costs $99 per year. Click Membership Application to join, and benefit from reduced membership fees for the first two years following graduation.

We encourage you to visit the rest of OASW's website and learn more about the role of the Association as the voice for social workers in Ontario. Becoming a member of OASW strengthens the social work profession and gives social workers and clients a stronger voice.

Ensure that social work has a strong, unified presence. Support social work in Ontario. Join OASW. It's your voice!

You may also click on Welcome Letter, containing details about the Annual Student Membership Award (deadline November 28th).

Please also visit: 

Student Membership Services Flyer
Student Reasons to Join
Benefits of Membership for more information about your professional association.
Video: Ontario Association of Social Workers - What's in it For Students?

If you have any questions, contact us!

Have a great year!
Daniel Pugh
OASW Student Director

Joan MacKenzie Davies, MSW, Res.Dip.S.W., RSW
Executive Director

To find out more about OASW, click:


If you need help:

Click on to find a social worker in private practice.

To access a list of community information and referral services across Ontario, visit

In the Toronto area, dial "211" or visit