Social Work Week


Social Work Is Good for Your Health

Suggestions for Agency Events

To increase information about the role of social workers and heighten the profile of the profession with colleagues and the public, social work agencies and organizations are encouraged to celebrate the role and contribution of social workers through the hosting of a wide variety of events during Social Work Week. 

Information Package

Fact Sheet on Social Work Template

Promote the Role of Social Workers 

Displays, videos, speakers or other similar events can also be organized for non-social work staff in an agency as well as clients. The focus can be on highlighting the role and contribution of social work in a multi-disciplinary facility. Whether formal or informal in nature, have a social worker available to answer questions. Add fun by having draws, giveaways and simple quizzes that provide information. 

Open House 

Expand community knowledge and support related to specific services and/or programs being offered within public and voluntary organizations. Handouts, videos and displays of written materials should be available, as well as staff who can answer questions that can serve to facilitate the provision of information to the public. 

Educational Event/Workshop 

Host or co-sponsor an educational event for agency or inter-agency staff on a timely practice issue. 

Agency Exchange 

A number of agencies could organize an exchange of information during Social Work Week. For example, if four agencies participate, they could each visit the facilities over the course of the week. In this way, they could increase their information about community resources, network, etc. 

Pot Luck/Brown Bag Lunch 

Host a lunch-hour event to socialize, network and celebrate Social Work Week. An educational component may or may not be included.


If you need help:

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