Social Work Week


Social Work Is Good for Your Health

Suggestions for School of Social Work Events

Future of Social Work Series

Develop a lecture series, focusing on future directions in social work. This series can be delivered within the school or in a public location, but the series should be open to as wide an audience as possible. The lectures can be videotaped for future in-house use, or they can be made available to select television stations for public viewing.

Honour a Student/Faculty Member

Both students and faculty contribute to the development of the school, as demonstrated by academic achievements, volunteer work or other endeavours. Social Work Week provides a forum for such honours/awards.


Hold a luncheon to celebrate the profession and its accomplishments. In some schools, representatives from the OASW Branch and key agencies are invited to participate.

Honour the Past "Greats" of Social Work

Have a faculty member or student research a social worker from the past who has contributed significantly to the profession. Create a time for an open lecture to which all faculty, students, and outside social workers are invited. If there is sufficient interest, this program could run from Monday to Friday; if the presentations are of sufficient quality and relevance, they should be videotaped for future presentations.


If you need help:

Click on to find a social worker in private practice.

To access a list of community information and referral services across Ontario, visit

In the Toronto area, dial "211" or visit