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This Year's Theme

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The theme of the upcoming Social Work Week 2014, which is being celebrated during March 3-9, is: "Social Workers: Champions of Positive Change".    

While the word "champion" has a number of meanings, it is best captured in a definition found in The Concise Oxford Dictionary as referring to a "person who fights, argues, etc. for another person or for a cause". This definition aptly captures a central attribute of our profession. In an article in the March 2013 issue of NASW News, Dr. Elizabeth J. Clark, the former Executive Director of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW), commented during Social Work Month in the United States that: "Social work has a rich history of advocating for social justice causes". She went on to point out that "‚Ķsocial workers have consistently been on the forefront of ensuring that our clients and all citizens have the rights and opportunities they need to fulfill their potential". Rather than change that can be destructive, social workers support positive change that has the potential to improve the lives of individuals and society as a whole. 

Social workers are champions of positive change, rooted in practical problem-solving expertise. Recognizing that people are experts about their own lives, and that the changes they are seeking may take many forms, social workers help people find solutions that are tailored to meet their unique needs and concerns.  

Social Work Week provides an opportunity each year for social workers to promote and celebrate their profession and the life-changing work that they champion in every community.  

As social workers in Ontario prepare for Social Work Week 2014, OASW encourages you to: 

  • reflect on the ways you and/or your agency/organization champion positive change and make a difference in the lives of the client populations you serve
  • identify ways to tell this story, and
  • let others know that when client groups need help, social work interventions can provide a catalyst for positive change.  

Social workers are committed to helping people face challenges and make positive changes in their lives when they most need it!  

"Social Workers: Champions of Positive Change".  

Ordering Social Work Week Items

As in previous years, a wide variety of materials are available to order, including colourful posters, bookmarks, pens, notepads, journals, T-shirts, mugs, foldable water bottles, USB hubs, display materials, etc. (Visit Shop OASW online to see photos of all these items.) 

Two easy ways to order:

Please note that HST is payable on both the order sub-total and shipping charges.  

We have changed and simplified our pricing structure to incorporate any administrative costs that were previously charged separately. If you have any questions, please let us know.   

Happy Social Work Week!

Dr. Clarke's Keynote Address at OASW's 2012 Provincial Conference (Videos)

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The Face of Social Work in Ontario (Videos)

In March 2012, OASW released three 46-second videos to convey the importance of our work, to educate people about what we do, and to inspire pride in social workers everywhere. We encourage you to distribute the links to the videos widely - to colleagues, managers, employers, family and friends.



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