GoodLife Corporate Membership
GoodLife Corporate Membership
GoodLife Fitness Club Membership - OASW offers OASW members and their immediate family members (living at the same address) the opportunity to participate in GoodLife Fitness Clubs’ Corporate Program. Please specify full name and date of birth for each participating member in the comments section of the check-out form. The pro-rated fee from October 1, 2019 to January 31, 2020 is $180.00 per person [Please note that in order for an OASW member's immediate family member to join GoodLife under this program the OASW member must join GoodLife. Immediate family member is defined as spouse, significant other, husband, wife, same sex partner, boyfriend/girlfriend, parent, sibling or child aged 12 or more, living together under the same roof.]

Adhésion au Club Goodlife - GoodLife Fitness Clubs offre un escompte d'environ 45% aux membres de l'ATTSO et les membres de leur famille (habitant à la même adresse). Veuillez spécifier le nom du membre de l'ATTSO et le nom à être sur la carte Goodlife dans l'espace pour les commentaires sur le formulaire de commande (caisse). Du 1er octobre 2019 au 31 janvier 2020, le coût est 180,00$ par personne (coût annuel est 505 $)
Discounted member price: 180.00
You could save: 82.5%