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OASW 2018 Provincial Election Toolkit



The provincial election is scheduled to take place on June 7, 2018 and policy decisions made by the next Provincial Parliament will have a direct impact on the social and financial health of Ontarians. Social workers have an important role to play in not only voting, but in asking political candidates about their positions on issues of concern and in educating them on our experiences with these while suggesting solutions for change. 

With the campaign period right around the corner, OASW has developed this toolkit to assist in providing you with easy access to OASW's election priorities, sample questions for political candidates and simple ways you can get involved as an individual member, student member, Regional Branch and more. 

*Due to recent changes to the Election Finances Act, materials in this toolkit could be considered "political advertising" if shared with non-members of OASW. Therefore, we ask that you only download materials for your own personal use and do not distribute or share these with others.  

OASW All Party Survey Responses

To assist members in accessing specific and useful information on the position of each main political party, in early May, OASW sent an All Party Survey to provincial party leaders for the Green Party, Liberal Party, NDP and PC Party. The survey focused on questions in five key areas that are important to social workers and those we serve:

1. Affordable Housing and Homelessness
2. Poverty Reduction and Social Assistance Transformation
3. Sustainable Health Care
4. Accessible and Affordable Mental Health and Addictions Services
5. Addressing Over-Representation of Indigenous and Africa Canadian Children in Child Welfare

To date, we have received responses from the NDP, Green Party, and Liberal Party. To view the invitation that was sent to all party leaders, as well as the responses we have received so far, please click on the links below to download:

NDP Response to OASW
(Adobe PDF File)
Green Party Response to OASW
(Adobe PDF File)

OASW 2018 Provincial Election Priorities Guide

Opportunities to engage with political candidates might pop up when you least expect them! To assist you in taking advantage of these opportunities, OASW's 2018 Provincial Elections Priorities Guide contains five key areas for pre-election advocacy that are of importance to social workers and those we serve. Consider selecting several sample questions from this guide to keep on hand when engaging with political candidates in your electoral district.

We welcome your feedback on the key areas for OASW's pre-election advocacy. Please email Vanessa Rankin, Manager Advocacy, Research and Education at: vrankin@oasw.org with your thoughts.

How to Meet with Your MPP (or other political candidate)

Meeting with your MPP can be a powerful tool for political advocacy any time of the year and OASW has developed a standard guide with information to assist members in this process. However, during times of transition, such as a provincial election, you may wish to use this guide to assist you in meeting with your MPP or other political candidates in your electoral district to learn more about their Party platforms as well as seek their positions on OASW's key areas for pre-election advocacy.

How to Meet Your MPP
(Adobe PDF File)

Get Involved!

Whether you are an individual member, student member or Regional Branch there are many simple ways you can get involved in the 2018 provincial election. Our votes and voices matter! For a list of ideas on how to participate download the document below and remember to VOTE on June 7, 2018!

How to Get Involved
(Adobe PDF File)

Social Media Tools - 2018 Provincial Election

Did you know that it is illegal to take selfie with your ballot at a polling station?
For this and other tips on how to follow and engage with political candidates over social media, download OASW's Social Media Tools for the 2018 provincial election. 

OASW's Social Media Tools
(Adobe PDF File)

Why It's Important to Vote

Dan Andreae, former President of OASW, describes in this video why it is important for social workers to vote in the provincial election.

Election FAQs

For information on where and how to vote and other frequently asked questions, visit Elections Ontario at the link below: