OASW 2012 Social Work Conference November 9-10, 2012
"Innovation in Social Work Practice, Research & Education"

Keynote Speaker:

Dr. Elizabeth (Betsy) J. Clark, Executive Director of the National Association of Social Workers (USA), has a unique perspective and insights regarding the profession as well as current and future trends and challenges for social workers.  Dr. Clark's presentation, "Social Workers Are the Holders of Hope", focused on social work's role as a profession of hope.

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Video of Dr. Clark's Keynote Address at OASW's 2012 Provincial Conference
Part 1 
Part 2 
Part 3 
Part 4

Keynote Speaker:

Dr. Marilyn Herie's keynote address at OASW's 2012 Provincial Conference

Dr. Marilyn Herie is recognized for her expertise in the use of technology in social work education and practice. Her dynamic, interactive presentation, "The Digital Communication Power Tools Transforming Social Work Today", examined key and cutting-edge communication tools, including social media, cloud-based learning and collaboration platforms, and e-therapy.

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PowerPoint Presentation, Parts 1-6 attached below:

The following presenters have made available their presentations and supplementary information regarding the Conference for your convenience:

Presenter: Dr. Jim Cullen
Session A2: Psychotherapy: Three Current Interventions (Research Findings Regarding Effectiveness with Different Client Populations)

Dr. Jim Cullen's video presentation:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

Supplementary Materials and PowerPoint Presentation:
Article 1 - Jim Cullen
(Adobe PDF File)
Article 2 - Jim Cullen
(Adobe PDF File)
Article 3 - Jim Cullen
(Adobe PDF File)
Presenters: Axelle Janczur & Angela Recollet
Session B1: "Innovation in Holistic Care with Diverse Populations
with Emphasis on the Social Determinants of Health" 

 Rob MacFadden & Chris Chmielewski
Session B2: "Neuroscience and Social Work Practice" 

Presenter: Laura Williams
Session B3:
"Authentic Partnerships: Using Family-Centred 

Principles to Transform the Care Experience"

Presenter: Laurel Rothman

Session C3: "Discussion/Networking Session re: Social Policy/Advocacy" 

Presenters: Sharon Evan & Steve Lurie

Session: C4: Job Search Panel for Students and New Graduates
Video Clip of Sharon Evans  
Video Clip of Steve Lurie

 Katharine Dill

Session D3: "Building on Fundamental Aspects of Supervision: 
Exploring New and Evolving Concepts in Supervisory Process"

 Bonnie Schroeder & Sue VanderBent

Session E2:
Successful Community Partnerships, Coalitions & Networks -
A Case Example - The Ontario Caregiver Coalition -
Innovative Models to Influence Policies That Affect our Clients and Families" 

Joanna Bedggood

Session E3: "Walk-in Counselling" 

 Cherie Miller
Session E3: "Holistic & Accessible Care: Homeless"

 Dr. Marco Posadas
Session E3:

Presenters: Julie Gowthorpe & Rashaad Vahed
Session E4: "Marriage & Divorce - Innovative Strategies to
Move Clients into Relationships That Actually Work"