Children & Youth Articles

Barriers to Citizenship: Lone Mothers of Children with (dis)Abilities Share Their Experiences (2008)
This paper highlights the experiences of lone mothers of children with (dis)Abilities in St. John's, Newfoundland struggling daily with multiple forms of disadvantage in relation to welfare policy and the labour market that taken together contribute to their marginalization in society. 

Social Work and Health: Implications of the Social Exclusion of Youth (2010)
This article reviews existing research on how social determinants can impact adolescent health concerns such as: suicide, HIV/AIDS, school failure, delinquency and depression. 

The Many Layers of Social Support: Capturing the Voices of Young People with Spina Bifida and Their Parents (2009)
This article highlights differential support roles for parents (tangible, information) and peers (companionship and emotional) for young people with spina bifida.