Employment Articles

Clinical Supervision in Contemporary Organizations (2009)
This article discusses the positive outcomes of quality supervision for social workers and for organizations. A recent meta-analysis of 27 studies found that supervision contributed to positive worker outcomes through three dimensions: task assistance, social and emotional support and supervisory interpersonal interaction (MorBarak, Travis, Pyun, & Xie, 2009). 

Workplace Bullying and Mobbing as Emerging Issues for Social Workers in Ontario (2010)
This article discusses  the passing of Bill 168 into law in December 2009. Ontario has taken a first step towards declaring workplace violence unacceptable. Bill 168, an amendment to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, directly addresses workplace violence and harassment.

Workplace Violence and Harassment Legislation: A Matter of Safety and Sound Practice (2011)
This article discusses the revisions made to the Occupational Health and Safety legislation in 2010 which includes protection against workplace violence, generalized harassment, commonly referred to as "bullying" and domestic violence.