Health Articles

Measuring the Intangible: Social Work Research in Acute Care (2010)
This article discusses how social work interventions make a significant difference in reducing a patient's anxiety, helping him/her make necessary lifestyle adjustments and enabling him/her to process the emotions he/she experiences as a consequence of illness. 

More Effective/Less Expensive Health Services Also Address the Social Determinants of Health (2011)
This article argues that the government of Canada can reduce some of the costs of health and social care by helping people get the services they need. The main argument is supported by the results of the research study in the regions of Halton and Hamilton-Wentworth, Ontario. 

Promoting Health and Reducing Social Inequalities Through Action on the Social Determinants of Health (2011)
This article discusses eight different ways in which "health promoters" - broadly defined - can take on the task of reducing health inequities relating to the social determinants of health. 

Sleep Disorders: What Social Workers Need to Know (2010)
This article informs social work professionals in Ontario on the recent trends and new information on sleep disorders. Researchers have identified a link between lack of sleep and medical conditions such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease and immune function. 

Social Determinants of Health: An Opportunity for Social Work to Showcase our Skills (2009)
This article discusses how poor social and economic circumstances affect health throughout life. Regardless of the field of practice in which social workers work, social determinants of health prevail in the lives of clients and/or the circumstances that result in some intervention whether in health care, child welfare, education, private practice, or mental health and addictions.