Human Rights Articles

Attitudinal Barriers Facing Persons with Disabilities, Deaf Persons and Individuals with Hearing Loss: Ableism and Audism (2009)
This article discusses the role of social workers in lobbying for effective legislation, regulations, policy, and guideline development to ensure that community services, resources, public education, employment, health care and other services are accessible to deaf, oral deaf, deafened and hard-of-hearing individuals in Ontario. 

Rethinking Notions of Diversity in the Context of Homelessness (2008)
The article describes a research study conducted by a Community-University Research Alliance (CURA) on Housing and Mental Health, based in London, Ontario, which explores the intersecting vulnerabilities among individuals who are homeless and have psychiatric challenges, and have visible minority/cultural, sexual orientation, and/or disabilities minority group status. 

Self-Disclosure of Sexual Orientation in Social Work Field Education: Field Instructor & Lesbian/Gay Student Perspectives (2008)
This article explores the impact of sexual orientation on social work field education from the perspectives of field instructors and LGB students, with the goal of advancing educational practices. Empirical evidence and anecdotal reports suggest that LGB students experience numerous barriers to self-disclosing sexual orientation to field educators, to others in their field placement sites and to clients.