Private Practice Publications

Setting Fees
When starting out, social workers may choose less than or close to the lower point on the fee range and gradually raise their rates as their experience in private practice and reputation increase. 

Indicators of Potential Conflict of Interest 
Failure to identify real or perceived areas of conflict of interest can reduce the credibility of social workers and the organizations they represent. For this reason, it is important for organizations to develop personnel policies and practices that articulate potential areas of conflict. It is also recommended that individual social workers be vigilant to areas of potential conflict of interest.

Registered Social Workers: Good Therapy for Business
This document articulates a "business case" for the importance of including social work counselling services in group benefit plans and insurance policies. Data is provided regarding the human and financial benefits of addressing mental health problems in the workplace through the provision of counselling services provided by Registered Social Workers.

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)
This package of five articles illuminates issues related to the delivery of counselling services within the EAP sector.

The Social Worker in Private Practice - Brochure
The attached brochure provides a quick introduction to what a social worker does, why consult a social worker, and different social work specialties.

HST Exemption: 
Health-Related Social Work Services Exempt from HST
The Ontario Association of Social Workers is pleased to announce the passing of Bill C-40, the long-awaited federal legislation that confirms the exemption of HST for health-related services provided by social workers. After over a decade of lobbying, the legislation ensures that social workers are provided similar tax exemptions as other health professions. The exemption takes effect for any services provided after October 3, 2003.

Coverage of Social Work Fees

Group Benefits - Coverage of Social Work Services (Third-Party Payments)
Insurance companies increasingly offer "cafeteria-style" benefits from which employers select benefits based on their interests and needs. This trend makes it increasingly difficult to determine with certainty which plans will cover, social work services and which will not. Education of employers regarding the benefits of including social work counselling services is essential. 

Employers benefit when the workforce is productive and healthy. When an employee is in crisis, counselling by a social worker can be the key to sorting out issues and resolving problems. Social work counselling deals with the root causes of productivity losses caused by workplace stress, absenteeism and disability. For a fact sheet to distribute to employers that explains why including social work counselling in group benefits makes good business sense, see Coverage for Social Work Counselling Makes Good Business Sense (attached below).  

Many group plans already cover the services of a social worker. If your plan does not, ask your employer, human resources department or union leaders to have social work included in your group benefits plan. The fact sheet Group Benefits Coverage of Social Work Counselling Makes Sense includes a sample letter (attached below). Feel free to distribute this fact sheet to your clients who do not have coverage for social work services in their group benefits plan. 

Reimbursement for Social Work Services Through a Third-Party
Some members of the public are able to access social work services through private health care insurance plans paid by an employer or by the individual. In essence, the cost of health/mental health services or a portion of the cost is paid by a third-party. Learn more, see Coverage of Social Work Fees.

ntario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) 
While social work services are covered within publicly funded health care settings (e.g., hospitals, out-patient clinics, Family Health Teams, Community Health Centres), OHIP does not cover these services outside of such settings.  

About Coverage of Social Work Fees Flyer
Flyer to be displayed ( waiting rooms etc/...) advising clients on who to contact, to ask that social work be added to their benefits plan coverage.