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Information & Communication Technologies (ICTs) & 
Bias-based Bullying: The Link ...
August 2017

"While studies highlight the risks of bias-based cyberbullying for marginalized youth, several studies have demonstrated how the online environment fosters community connection and empowerment for youth who experience marginalization." Read more

Death by a Thousand Cuts
May 2017

"How an Army of mental health professionals let my daughter down"... 
Read more

Respect: Ethical Imperative or Skills for Success?
April 2017

"Respect is not an optional extra in social work. It is one of the foundational principles of practice..." Read more

Inspirational Leader Awards 2017
March 2017

The recipients of the Inspirational Leaders Awards for 2017 are Dr. Peter Donahue... [Profile] &
Joyce Hamelin... [Profile]

Reflections on Witnessing the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal Hearing... First Nations Children on Reserves
February 2016

... "which found that the discriminatory policies of past federal governments led to the chronic under funding of child welfare services for First Nations children living on reserves." Read more

2015 OASW Life Membership Award - Dr. Roberta Roberts & Brian R. Adams
October 2015

Dr. Roberta Roberts Read more.
Brian R. Adams Read more.

... Human Development - A Bold Answer to an Unmet Need in Child Development
May 2015

... "It is time to think 'trans-disciplinary' if we are to make headway in meeting tomorrow's big challenges." 
Read more

Summary: Inspirational Leaders Awards & Social Work Week 2015
May 2015

Read more

Queering Social Work Education
July 2017

"The first book of it's kind in North America to specifically look at how Canadian Social Work Academia takes up and addresses queer communities, contributions, and issues." Read more

From Circus Lesson to Life Lesson
April 2017

Member Exclusive Video

First Nations Child Welfare and the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal 
April 2017

Member Exclusive Video

It's Not Always Depression. Sometimes It's Shame.
February 2017

...accelerated experiential dynamic psychotherapy focuses on fostering awareness of the emotional life of the patient as it unfolds in real time in front of the therapist... Read more

Social Workers: Essential System Navigators
February 2016

"System navigation is a term used to describe the challenging process of steering through a complex social and health system to access resources and services"... Read more

Maintaining Professional Identity in an Interprofessional Setting
October 2015

... "Social workers are adept at collaboration and possess the communication skills to work well with others, so working interprofessionally should be a natural fit." Read more

Reflections on the Past 50 Years
May 2015

..."covering our first five decades, provides a brief retrospective of our journey and highlights a sampling of key issues and activities in each decade." Read more.

Inspirational Leaders Awards 2015
May 2015

The recipients of the Inspirational Leaders Awards for 2015 are Dr. Shelley L. Craig... [Profile] & 
Dr. Barbara Muskat... [Profile]

Helping Patients & Families Navigate Through Challenging Circumstances
June 2017

"In our view, the secret to living independently, safely ... 
Read More

The Emerging Role of Social Work in Humanitarian Settings
April 2017

Member Exclusive Video

Ethics Alive! To Record or Not To Record: The Ethics of Documentation
April 2017

"Social work documentation. Now, how exciting is that?!" ... Read more

10 Tips to Confront Oppressive Comments ...
December 2016

"...and Still be Invited Back to the Next Dinner Party."
Read more

Perceptions on Practice in the Employee Assistance Field 
February 2016

"A qualitative examination of 145 members of OASW who were or had worked as contractual Employee Assistance Program (EAP)..." Read more

2015 OASW Beverley Antle Leadership Award to Linda Jackson
October 2015

"This award was established to recognize the pivotal and dynamic leadership roles played by social workers in non-traditional positions..." Read more

A Few Facts on Social Work Supervision & Consultation
May 2015

"Supervision encompasses a number of functions: administrative; educational/clinical; and/or
supportive..." Read more
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