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Groupes de réseautage virtuels

Virtual networking groups allow members to share information, share resources and to receive/provide peer support.

How the virtual groups function:
  • Members communicates through their email; 
  • Emails are sent to one address (provided once subscribed); and
  • This email gets distributed to the whole group.

 Member Commitment

  • It depends on you, some members participate more actively, while others are more passive and only choose read the messages that get sent.
  • Time commitment relates only to the time taken to read and/or send messages.
  • We recommend that you take the time to read the Rules & Guidelines  document generated for Participants before getting started (attached below).  
  • Some weeks the virtual networking groups are fairly active (if there is a "hot" issue), other times quiet, we recommend that members with the help of the group moderator pose questions or invite feedback on particular issues. Attached below, General Tips for Moderators.

Learn how to become a moderator and what your role would look like, contact [email protected] 

How to subscribe to the Virtual Networking Groups:
Contact Anna Loi @ [email protected] with the name of the group you'd like to join, your OASW number and/or your full name.

*The views or opinions expressed in these forums are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of other participants in the virtual networking groups. The administrator reserves the right to remove any comments or discussion at its discretion.

Moderators General Tips
(Adobe PDF File)

Liste de groupes de réseautage virtuels :

Santé familiale
Animatrice : vacant

Secteur de l'assurance-automobile (AVA)
Animatrice : Dawn Zivanovich

Dans la région du nord
Animatrice : vacant

Travailleurs sociaux en pratique privée (A) (5 ans ou moins d'expérience en pratique privée)
Animatrice : vacant

Travailleurs sociaux en pratique privée (B) (plus de 5 ans ou moins d'expérience en pratique privée)
Animatrice : vacant

Dans la région du est
Animatrice : Shulamit Ber Levtov

Promouvoir notre pratique de travail social (Blog)
Animatrice : Rosalba Stocco

L'auto-prise en charge pour les travailleurs sociaux
Animatrice : vacant
Les travailleurs sociaux dont le travail implique le traumatise
Animatrice : vacant