Allyson Shpirko, Northern Regional Director (2017-2019) 

Representing OASW members in Algoma, Nipissing, Northeastern, Northwestern & Sudbury Branches. 

Serving on the regionally elected Board of OASW for now a third term has been a pleasure and I look forward to having the opportunity to expand my contributions. 

My academic background combines Social Work and Journalism. I graduated with an HBSW and MSW (University of Manitoba) before embarking on practice in the areas of school social work and children’s mental health. Other education pursuits have included Ethics, Mindfulness and Narrative Therapy, Social Work Leadership. 

I began my career in Healthcare in the ‘90’s, working in psychiatry, rehabilitation, and acute care medicine. I travelled with a Regional Project throughout Northwestern Ontario, scanning all healthcare services and designing systems changes. I presently provide clinical service to the renal department of Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre, working with pre-renal, dialysis, and kidney transplant patients. I maintain professional memberships with OCSWSSW, OASW, and the Canadian Association of Nephrology Social Workers (CANSW). 

Over four years I have initiated and participated in many professional activities which I hope have contributed to the integrity and value of our Profession. The more recent of these include:  conference promotion, local Board membership, promoting Indigenous interests, Marketing campaign  interview, promoting the research potential of Social Work inside healthcare, building relationships in the Region, developing the role description for Regional Director for inclusion in policy. 

I am currently serving on the selection committee of Cancer Care Ontario (CCO) and Ontario Renal Network (ORN) Eleventh Annual Human Touch Awards. I have met with stakeholders at Algoma University during SWW as a means of developing partnership and revitalizing the Algoma Branch. 

OASW in recent years has incorporated “Future” as an important theme. It is this emphasis on forward-thinking that makes it exciting to serve for a final term.