Eastern Branch

Eastern Branch includes Ottawa, Cornwall, and the Eastern Ontario region.

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To:  Members of OASW Eastern Branch
From: Your board

During 2018-19  the EB Board of Directors underwent significant changes with several new members joining the board and several members stepping down; including the President and the acting President.  Although 2 new members have joined the board, there continues to be a need for 1-2 social workers with board experience who may be interested in gaining hands-on knowledge in leadership and/or finance.  As a board member you will have access to training material, mentoring, and networking.

Meetings are held the first Tuesday or Wednesday of the month from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM at 404 McArthur road near St. Laurent. Members who live outside Ottawa are welcome to skype or telephone into the meeting.

Please consider volunteering for at least one year on your local OASW board. For more information you are welcome to email or Phone Beverlee.mcintosh@gmail.com or (613) 728-9770.

Expanding Field Awareness:
Eastern Branch Social Workers Talk About Their Employment Experiences

Eastern Branch social workers are invited to submit their name for a moderated panel discussion to be hosted at the Carleton University School of Social Work in September 2019. Chosen panelists will be provided with a series of questions prior to the date. As the MSW class is divided into two sections panel discussions will be scheduled on a Monday and a Thursday. Panelists are asked to submit their availability for one or both weekdays.

Purpose of the event: To expand MSW student awareness of the scope of practice available to social workers.

Please indicate your availability at https://doodle.com/poll/cuhiw2ifqg2crfu7 

Evelyn Weger MSW RSW
Eastern Regional Director

Suggestions & Recommendations for Events?
Email: oasw.east@gmail.com or connect through Facebook.


Volunteer opportunity
Eastern Branch Social Justice Committee
The OASW Eastern Branch Social Justice Committee is seeking new members. If you are interested in writing briefs, lobbying politicians and advocating for marginalized individuals please contact Lynn Sherwood at oasw.eb@gmail.com.  

Social Justice Committee - Mission Statement
Learn more here.

Commitment to Best Practice
Through Professional Networking & Education
Social Workers in Aging & Gerontology (SWAG) in Ottawa is a professional networking and educational model, easily transferable to any area of social work practice where sharing information will enhance and empower your professional interventions. This innovative network, in its 26th year, was started by Ottawa social workers with the support of OASW Eastern Branch. Please click flyer for more details.

Eastern Branch Bulletin Committee Members:

Deborah Davidson, Editor

Bulletin Committee Members:
Graeme Roderick
Virginia Lafond
Tiffany Dugas
Elser Lee Archer
Barbara Merriam

Eastern Branch E-Bulletins:
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Contact Information:

Mailing Address:   
212-404 MacArthur Avenue 
Ottawa, Ontario, K1K 1G8

Branch Telephone:  613-238-8406
Branch Fax Number: 613-238-5913

Branch President: vacant
Provincial/Regional Director: Evelyn Weger

Social Media:

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/oasweasternbranch/

Branch Executive & Directors:   

President: Vacant
Wendy Birkhan - Chair
Barbara Merriam- Past President/Bulletin chair
Beverlee McIntosh- VP Membership/SWAG
Elizabeth Fennelly- Treasurer
Stephanie Chrétien Gaudreau Secretary
Lynn Sherwood- Social Advocacy Chair
Ann Seymour
Joyce Hamelin
John Bouzanne
Ian Ford

The Pioneers of Ontario Association of Social Workers Eastern Branch 

Evelyn Weger Introduction   
Part 1
Allan Moscovitch                 
Part 2
Barbara Merriam                 
Part 3
Beverlee McIntosh               
Part 4
Graeme Roderick                 
Part 5
Joan Gullen                         
Part 6
Joyce Turnbull                       
Part 7
Katherine Ferguson             
Part 8
Marg Nelson                       
Part 9
Mary Sinclair                       
Part 10  
Roland Lecomte                   
Part 11
Ruth Brown                           
Part 12
Sheila Baslow                     
Part 13

Eastern Branch 82nd Spring Gala & AGM


Bessie Touzel Award

(Nominations are now closed).

The Bessie Touzel Award recognizes the achievement of social workers who demonstrate leadership, vision and dedication in the practice of social work and who have made significant contributions to the social work profession.  Areas of social work practice taken into consideration may include: direct service, management, community development, public policy, education, advocacy and research.
Past Bessie Touzel Recipients