Eastern Branch

Eastern Branch includes Ottawa, Cornwall, and the Eastern Ontario region.

Branch Executive and Directors:   
Evelyn Weger, President
Fatina Elkurdi, Vice President/Operations 
Barbara Merriam, Past President
Elizabeth Fennelly, Treasurer
Stephanie Chretien-Gaudreau, Secretary
Beverlee McIntosh, Membership and SWAG 
Ian Ford, Member-at-Large
Leandra Carino, Member-at-Large
Jordan MacLaren, Member-at-Large
Jessica Bouvier, Student Representative - University of Ottawa
Krystle Latouche, Student Representative - Carleton University

Upcoming Activities of Interest to Branch Members
Fall Meet and Greet

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram  

2018 Social Work Week - Dr Alan Wolfelt - Rituals of Grief (Registration and conference information to follow)

The organization's main functions are to:  
- Represent the interests and concerns of the profession; 
- Promote and advance the interests of social workers; 
- Enhance the contribution of social work to social justice; 
- Provide information and support to social workers; 
- Set professional practice guidelines in various fields of service; 
- Offer leadership in professional and social advocacy; 
- Assist in the provision of professional development; 
- Arrange for reduced-cost benefits and services for members; 
- Act as a catalyst for professional networking. 

Commitment to Best Practice Through Professional Networking & Education
Social Workers in Aging & Gerontology (SWAG) in Ottawa is a professional networking and educational model, easily transferable to any area of social work practice where sharing information will enhance and empower your professional interventions. This innovative network, in its 26th year, was started by Ottawa social workers with the support of OASW Eastern Branch. Please click flyer for more details.
Bulletin Staff
Deborah Davidson, Bulletin Editor
Graeme Roderick, Chair, Publication Committee

Eastern Branch E-Bulletins:
Summer 2017
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Spring 2017
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Fall 2016
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Summer 2016
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Spring 2016
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Fall 2015
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Spring 2015
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Summer 2015
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The Pioneers of Ontario Association of Social Workers Eastern Branch 

Evelyn Weger Introduction - Part 1
Allan Moscovitch - Part 2
Barbara Merriam - Part 3
Beverlee McIntosh - Part 4
Graeme Roderick - Part 5
Joan Gullen - Part 6
Joyce Turnbull - Part 7
Katherine Ferguson - Part 8
Marg Nelson - Part 9
Mary Sinclair - Part 10  
Roland Lecomte - Part 11
Ruth Brown - Part 12
Sheila Baslow - Part 13

Contact Information:
Eastern Branch Office: oasw.east@gmail.com

Mailing Address:   
212-404 MacArthur Avenue 
Ottawa, Ontario, K1K 1G8

Branch Telephone: (613) 238-8406
Branch Fax Number: (613) 238-5913

Branch President: Evelyn Weger
Provincial/Regional Director: Bonnie Schroeder

News & Announcement:
Eastern Branch 81st Spring Gala and AGM