Social Justice Committee - Mission Statement

The Social Justice Committee is a standing committee of the Eastern Branch of OASW.  We meet once a month and are actively involved in education, advocacy and social action with respect to social justice issues which impact the members of the Eastern Branch.  The Committee functions to research, prioritize and structure responses to social issues raised by EB members.

Our current activities include:             

*regular submissions to and participation in discussions, consultations and information sessions at the City of Ottawa involving local social policy concerns, including budget priorities, housing, community policing, woman’s issues and poverty related issues.  
*submissions to and participation in discussions, consultations and information sessions sponsored by social justice and advocacy organizations in our area:  e.g. Anti-Poverty Coalition, Council of Women,  
*annual submissions to the Ontario government Finance Committee on behalf of EB OASW, 
*participation in provincial consultations with respect to implementation of federal cannabis legislation. 
*membership in Go4BIG, a national organization advocating for Basic Income Guarantee which is involved in the 3 basic income pilot projects currently underway in Ontario. 
*membership in ACORN
*membership in Social Planning Council
*advocacy for various issue which are brought to our attention by EB members from time to time, with municipal, provincial and federal elected representatives.
*quarterly submission to the EB Bulletin through a  report on activities of the committee and a “Social Justice Corner” article. 

The organization's main functions are to:  
*Represent the interests and concerns of the profession; 
*Promote and advance the interests of social workers; 
*Enhance the contribution of social work to social justice; 
*Provide information and support to social workers; 
*Set professional practice guidelines in various fields of service; 
*Offer leadership in professional and social advocacy; 
*Assist in the provision of professional development; 
*Arrange for reduced-cost benefits and services for members; 
*Act as a catalyst for professional networking.