Julie Gowthorpe, SouthEastern Regional Director (2015-2017) 

Representing OASW members in Durham/Kawartha, Huronia Highlands and Kingston Branches. 

Dr. Julie Gowthorpe is highly committed to professional advocacy and advancing the role of social work in private and organizational settings.  Dr. Gowthorpe has 16 years of clinical experience in private practice providing individual, couple, family counseling and resolution of divorce related matters.  In addition to her commitment to clients, she  provides clinical training to agencies working with children, youth and adults as well as team-building sessions for businesses.  She regularly provides clinical consultation to lawyers and child welfare organizations. 

Julie recently released her first self-help book, Tainted Love: Why Your Ex is Making You Miserable and What You Can Do About It, A 28 Day Plan.  Dr. Gowthorpe wrote this conversational-style book in an effort to deliver research knowledge and clinical expertise directly to parents desiring the best for their children under circumstances of separation and divorce. 

Julie graduated from McGill University with a Master of Social Work degree and a Doctorate from the University of Toronto in Social Work.  She has been a sessional instructor with Carleton University and has presented at academic conferences in Canada and internationally. 

Julie has completed a term as Regional Director with the OASW Board and is enthusiastic about the opportunity to continue to represent the SouthEastern Region on the Provincial Board.  As she has demonstrated to date, she continues to be committed to bringing issues to the provincial board that affect Social Workers and their clients in the SouthEastern region.  Building upon her experience of service with the provincial board, she is committed to further engagement with the profession at the local level with the purpose of providing a collective voice.  

In addition to her board experience with OASW, Julie has served on a local board in the social services area.  

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