Local Engagement Ambassador Program


OASW is proud and excited to announce that applications are now open for the Local Engagement Ambassador Program, which will increase focus on delivering valuable events and building strong local networks of social workers. The Local Engagement Ambassador Program will officially launch in January 2021.

OASW is seeking 25 members who are interested in collaborating and strengthening professional networks for social workers and social work students in their communities to apply to be a Local Engagement Ambassador!

As an Ambassador you will:
  • Champion OASW and the Local Engagement Program by engaging members from diverse fields of practice to form a Local Engagement Network.
  • Collaborate with the Local Engagement Network to plan and deliver innovative professional development and networking events in your geographic area.
  • Integrate a lens of diversity, equity and inclusion in all you do.
OASW acknowledges and respects your volunteer time and commitment to the profession and as an Ambassador you will benefit from:
  • Dedicated support and mentorship from OASW’s full-time Engagement & Outreach Associate. 
  • Training, education, and tools designed to support your leadership in the role. 
  • Regular opportunities to liaise with other Ambassadors from across the province to share knowledge, skills and ideas. 
Time Commitment 
Together with the Local Engagement Network, Ambassadors will be asked to host 2-4 events in their community per year. The size and scale of these events will be determined by your available time and in collaboration with OASW’s Engagement & Outreach Associate. An Ambassador’s term length is one year.

Qualities of a Successful Local Engagement Ambassador:
  • Invested in amplifying the voice of the social work profession 
  • Embody the values of the Association and alignment with OASW’s mission, vision and strategic objectives
  • Interest in supporting local event planning
  • Knowledgeable about issues currently influencing and impacting the profession
  • Promoting training, education, and resources to support local learning and engagement 
  • Mobilizing an engagement network of local members who will provide support and who will help to increase the momentum and energy in the community
  • Successfully executing community events that strengthen local networking and professional knowledge and deliver on agreed-upon budget plan
  • Aiming to increase member and non-member participation at local events
Ambassador Competencies & Experience:
  • An active OASW member in good standing
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Strong collaboration skills 
  • Friendly, energetic, outgoing and comfortable engaging with new people in various community settings
  • Ability to communicate the value of OASW membership and benefits
  • Members of all races, ethnic origins, religions, abilities, health statuses, gender identities and expressions, and sexual orientations are encouraged to apply

The Local Engagement Ambassador Program will provide an opportunity to extend your professional network, mentor leaders of tomorrow, bring people together, strengthen your leadership skills and keep your local community vibrant.

Join Us!

Local Engagement Ambassador 

The application deadline for Local Engagement Ambassador has been extended, apply for the role today!


Local Engagement Network

Interested in supporting the Local Engagement Ambassador and your community? You can become a part of a local Network! Please email Lisa Jobson at: lisa@oasw.org 


Please direct all inquiries to Engagement & Outreach Associate, Lisa Jobson: lisa@oasw.org