Nancy Webb

Director at Large (2020-2022)
Nancy Webb, MSW, RSW, is an experienced therapist, teacher, consultant and leader.  She has held positions as a clinician and an administrator.   Nancy is passionate about and has extensive experience in children’s mental health and advocacy: as the founding Executive Director of the Dr. Jay Children’s Grief Centre, an executive with the Office of the Children’s Lawyer (OCL), Director of the Huntington’s Society of Canada, Assistant Director of Massey Centre for Children and Youth, and a founding Executive Director of Touchstone Youth Centre.  

Nancy has a thriving clinical private practice and maintains a long-standing relationship with the SickKids Centre for Community Mental Health, Toronto, where she has provided training in the Brief Training Institute.  With the Office of the Children’s Lawyer, Nancy directed, managed and evaluated all clinical professionals including the OCL’s 320 clinical panel members.  

Nancy values collaboration and strength-based modalities both as a leader and as a clinician.  Her years of experience with individuals, couples and families, have shaped and deepened her belief in the power of therapeutic intervention and the importance of reflective and integrative practices.  Nancy believes that professional integrity, recognizing diversity and strong cultural competencies are paramount to providing relevant services and achieving positive results in today’s plural environment.  She feels that the health of an organization is supported by and in many cases, dependent on the health of its board.  She appreciates the importance of good governance and understands it from both sides, reporting to the board as well as a board director.    

Nancy Webb is a long-standing member of OASW. She believes in life-long learning and feels that the role of OASW through advocacy and education is vital to supporting and maintaining high standards among its members.