Niagara Branch

Niagara Branch includes Niagara Falls, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Welland and the surrounding area.

Upcoming Events

Niagara Branch Annual Conference:
The  Equity Imperative for Social Work

SAVE THE DATE: Thursday October 24, 2019
Time: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Location: Johnny Rocco's, Stone Mill Ballroom, 271 Merritt Street, St. Catharines, L2T 1K1
Speaker: Kiki Ojo, Kojo Institute

Conference Learning Objectives:

  1. Building a relevant and responsive practice
    • Why did you choose social work?
    • Who do you serve?
    • How are your organizations responding?
    • The challenges
  2. Equity
    • What is it the Equity Continuum?
    • Data, Disproportionality, and Disparity
    • Disrupting Powerful Unexamined Ideas
    • Boys on Boxes –how/why inequities persist
  3. Legacies and Isms
    • What are the occurrences or processes that establish the location of power (including wealth and status) globally?
    • What are the isms and which legacies are at root?
  4. Applying an equity framework
    • Which frameworks need to be applied to get to equity?
    • Your personal posture and practice

Previous Branch Events

"Beyond Trauma 101: A Phase Model for Complex Trauma and Strategies for Managing Dissociation"
 On May 3, 2018, Annie Monaco and Ann Beckley Forest presented to participants.
OASW Niagara Branch Annual General Meeting
On September 28, 2017, Dr. Christina Harrington demystified the Psychotherapy Act  for participants.  
The Bill Lidkea Memorial Social Work Scholarship
The Bill Lidkea Memorial Social Work Scholarship for $1000 is awarded yearly at our Annual Professional Seminar in May. Niagara residents who are MSW candidates studying either full- or part-time may apply by April 7th of each year.

Bill was a long-time Niagara social worker who embodied the principles of our profession. He gave freely of himself to many community causes in addition to founding the first social workers' group private practice in this region. Bill was pivotal in our local branch, a responsible officer in the Bruce Trail Club, a speaker for the Heart & Stroke Foundation, an active NDP campaign door-knocker, and a perceptive and effective counsellor. Whatever needed to be done, Bill would do it. He put people first. Ethics was his middle name. We miss him.

For next year's scholarship, email the branch with your contact information and then mail a 500-word essay about how you see yourself contributing to the unique voice of social work in your personal and professional life, plus a professional or academic reference letter.

OASW Niagara Branch Board Seeks New Directors

The Niagara Branch Nominating Committee is looking for individuals to join the Niagara Branch Board of Directors. We are looking to for interested individuals to  fulfill two executive positions:

  • Treasurer: training will be provided by the current Treasurer until the end of November
  • Secretary: training also provided by current Executive
  • General Board Members. 

Serving on this working Branch Board is a great opportunity to hone your executive and leadership skills.  

We are also seeking members to be part of event committees.
This is a way to support the board, so that we can continue to offer the events that membership has grown accustomed to. 
You'll find all the details in the attached document, which is really dry and boring but necessary.  
Please consider joining us.

Please forward interest to

Thank-you on behalf of 
Joan Worthington & Arlene Kerr-Martin, Nominating Committee

Board Members:

Arlene Kerr-Martin: Chair
Carling Wright: Secretary 
Michelle Strazzerri: Treasurer
Nicole Loughlin: Member

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