OASW Champion of Social Change & Human Rights Award

The OASW Champion of Social Change and Human Rights Award recognizes an individual or group whose courage and determination has brought about social change and/or promoted human rights in Ontario.

Description: This award is intended to recognize individuals or groups who share the values and goals of the social work profession and whose courage in bringing about social change and/or in the promotion of human rights will have a lasting impact for Ontarians. 

Selection Criteria: 
The nominee must:
    • Be an individual or group who shares the values and goals of the social work profession
    • Have demonstrated  an outstanding achievement of lasting impact in the achievement of social change and/or human rights, and
    • Have exhibited courage and determination in accomplishing this goal.

While the recipient of the award may be a social worker, the award is not restricted to social workers.

Selection Process:
OASW Branches and individual members may nominate candidates by submitting the following to the Nominating Committee: 
    • Completed official nomination form
    • A summary that describes:
         o What the nominee accomplished
         o Who the beneficiaries were
         o What long-term effect was achieved
         o What was outstanding about the nominee’s action(s)
         o Any barriers the nominee overcame to achieve results
         o Curriculum vitae or equivalent for each nominee 
    • Three (3) endorsements from OASW members

To ensure the nominee’s eligibility, nominations must adhere to the guidelines, and use clear, concise, and descriptive examples. 

The OASW Nominating Committee will select and make recommendations to the Board of Directors, which approves the award recipient.

Award Presentation:
The award will be presented situationally when an exemplary candidate(s) is identified.  The award will be given out at an official OASW event following approval by the Board (e.g., Annual General Meeting, Provincial Conference).  

Deadline for next nominations: Ad hoc