OASW New Virtual Groups

News Reported on May 29, 2015

In May 2015 OASW launched a new Virtual Group:
Social Workers in the Northern Region 
Moderator: Allyson Shpirko

March 2015 OASW launched:
Promoting Our Social Work Practice (Blogger) 

Last summer OASW launched several Virtual Groups, including: 
Social Workers Whose Work Involves Trauma
Social Workers in Non-Urban Practice
Social Workers in Non-Clinical Practice
Self-Care for Social Workers 

Other Virtual Groups include:
Social Workers in Family Health Teams
Social Workers in MVA-Auto Insurance-Disability Sector
Social Workers in Private Practice (Group A) (with 5 years or less experience in private practice)
Social Workers in Private Practice (Group B) (with more than 5 years of experience in private practice) 

OASW virtual groups communicate by email - email is sent to one address and it gets distributed to the whole group. 
Members can participate at their convenience - anytime, anywhere. These groups are offered exclusively to OASW members. 

To join any of the above groups, email Anna Loi @ membership2@oasw.org with your full name and email address you'd like to use to participate.
*Criteria to join virtual groups, you must be an active OASW member.