Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment/software will I need to participate?
Modules can be accessed via desktop computers, laptops or *tablets (Android or iPads).  The course will also support access from any browser (IE, Safari, Chrome, etc.).
*Desktop or laptop highly recommended for optimal experience.

How much time outside of the lecture periods will I need to spend?
Each module will be somewhat different. In general, participants will receive suggested readings and be required to complete specific assignments. The time commitment, beyond completing the online work of each module, may be as little as an additional 3-4 hours per module, but some participants may spend longer due to their particular interests or skill level.

Will I be able to access the materials at any time?
During the program, the materials will be accessible online for participants at any time.

Are there tests/quizzes or other written assignments?
Each module will have some evaluation or assignment component.

What will the discussion forums entail?
This will vary from module to module. For example, some Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) will use the discussion board to facilitate a case study. It is expected that participants will interact with one another in each module.

Will there be group assignments?
There may be small group assignments in some modules. Otherwise, the discussion board will be the only "group" assignment.

Will the course materials be available after the program is completed and or after a module has been completed?
The materials are made available over the length of the program. Learners may want to revisit a module after it has been completed for various reasons. We recommend that participants review materials during the specified 2-week window of each module, during which the SME will be most available and the discussion forum will take place. Participants will have a two-week opportunity following the end of Module 6 to complete any outstanding work.

Can I get one-on-one time with the instructors if I need it?
Each SME will post information about how often they will be available online throughout the duration of the module. Generally, one-on-one time is through email correspondence.

How does the program track my progress?
The program will track your progress by pages viewed and completed assignments. There is also a bookmark feature that will allow you to pause your learning progress and pick up where you left off at a later time.

What do I need to do to obtain my certificate?
Modules may vary in the assignments. Participants are required to complete all elements for each module in order to receive the certificate. Participants need to participate in and complete assignments and postings (e.g., critical reflections on videos or other materials; posting on the discussion board and responding to other postings).

Will I know who else is taking the program with me?
In the Introductory Module of one week, each participant will introduce themselves on the discussion board. This is a good opportunity to network and find out what other colleagues are doing. This creates a sense of community and results in more engaged and deeper learning. However, students are also able to limit the information they share and to protect their confidentiality and the confidentiality of their workplace and clients.

Can I take only certain modules?
No. This program is only offered as a complete, six-module package.

I am going to be unable to participate during certain weeks of the program, should I still enrol; how do I catch up?
We strongly encourage you to consult your calendar before enrolling in this program to check your availability. While the program is delivered online and can be accessed at your convenience, it is intended to be completed in the 13-week period. One of the key benefits of the program is that it is offered online so as long as you have access to the internet, you can participate anywhere in the world.