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After Cancer Treatment: Considering Language
and Psychosocial Care Needs in Social Work

March 2019

"Social workers are well poised to engage in dialogue with those who have had cancer treatment, particularly as it pertains to reintegration into pre-treatment roles within the family,..."
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An Excerpt from: Stress, Trauma, & Decision-Making for Social Workers
February 2019

"Despite exposure to trauma, social workers point to their sense of commitment and compassion. They often assert that exposure to violence is an acceptable risk when working with..." Read more.

The Elephant in The Room: Addressing Racial Anxiety of White Social Workers in Child Welfare
January 2019

"The expectation is not to arrive, but to engage in a form of practice where we question our knowing on an ongoing basis..." Read more.

Why I Can No Longer Identify as Pro-Choice: An Abortion Advocate Speaks Out
December 2018

"People have the right to have children, to not have children, and to parent the children that they have in safe and healthy communities..." Read more.

Making Connections: A Study Examining the Impact of Support Provided to Family Members of Individuals with Borderline Personality Disorder
November 2018

"This study was designed to align with social work values by emphasizing interdisciplinary and multiple agency collaboration..." Read more.


Decolonizing Graduation
September 2018

"Advocacy includes empathy, understanding what you are going through and what that might be like for somebody else. Use that as your grounding to be both an advocate and an ally for others."

Improving Mental Health For All Canadian: Why Equity Matters
August 2018

"Being a part of this panel brings voice and recognition to mental health and equity issues that are too invisible and silenced in our society." - Senator Bernard, Panel Moderator... 
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Recognizing and Identifying Incidents in Health Care, Social Work
July 2018

"A cultural shift that acknowledges that any incident of violence, threats or that has the potential to have a negative psychological impact on a team member is an incident and not just an accepted part of the job. The shift must also address the stigma of reporting these incidents." 
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What Are We Taking Back to India
June 2018

"Social work in India is a growing profession with lots of obstacles that someone new in the field has to go through, especially for a woman coming from a conservative, traditional Indian background." 
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Treating Adult Survivors of Childhood Emotional Abuse and Neglect: A New Framework
May 2018

"Despite nearly a half-century of attention directed in psychiatry, psychology, social work, and allied professions to the development of treatment models for victims of psychological trauma, resulting in the establishment of nearly 100..." 
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A Snapshot of Social Work in Ontario: A Report on the 2017 Salaries Job Satisfaction Survey
April 2018

"Nearly half of all social workers report that they are managing heavy workloads with 33% describing their current workload as overwhelming."
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Self-Injury Excerpts from Counselling Insights: Practical Strategies for Helping Others with Anxiety
March 2018

"For individuals who use self-injury behaviour to manage their emotions (self-regulate), the goals for change are often complicated and need to be explored sensitively and ..."
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Living with Stress? Congratulations, you're Human!
February 2018

"The Stress Strategies app can be used as a dynamic, collaborative and practical tool to work with clients."
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Hard Feelings: An Innovative Non-Profit Social Enterprise on a Mission to Reduce Barriers and Increase Access to Mental Health Supports and Resources
January 2018

"Services remain out of reach for so many due to long wait-times, lack of affordable pricing, complexities in navigating a confusing health care system..."
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Family Parenting Co-ordination in Ontario: An emerging field of practice for Social Workers
October 2017 No. 2

"Unlike many other jurisdictions, there is no legislation or court direction providing for parenting coordination in Ontario."
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Let's talk about it! Challenges in the Workplace & their Impact on Professional Practice in Social Work
October 2017

"By learning directly from social workers who are in the field, practising their craft, interacting with employers and clients, we have already learnt that workplace suffering is..."
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Family Parenting Co-ordination in Ontario: An emerging field of practice for Social Workers
July 2017

"The first book of it's kind in North America to specifically look at how Canadian Social Work Academia takes up and addresses queer communities, contributions, and issues."
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From Circus Lesson to Life Lesson
April 2017

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Respect: Ethical Imperative or Skills for Success?
April 2017

"Respect is not an optional extra in social work. It is one of the foundational principles of practice..." Read more

Inspirational Leader Awards 2017
March 2017

The recipients of the Inspirational Leaders Awards for 2017 are Dr. Peter Donahue... [Profile] &
Joyce Hamelin... [Profile]

Helping Patients Families Navigate Through Challenging Circumstances
June 2017

"In our view, the secret to living independently, safely..."
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First Nations Child Welfare and the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal
April 2017

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The Emerging Role of Social Work in Humanitarian Settings
April 2017

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It's Not Always Depression. Sometimes It's Shame.
February 2017

...accelerated experiential dynamic psychotherapy focuses on fostering awareness of the emotional life of the patient as it unfolds in real time in front of the therapist... Read more

What is Good for the Heart is Good for the Brain
November/December 2017

"While the situations I encountered were diverse and often complex, what I can tell you with surety is that the vast majority of seniors have a deep desire to remain living in their own home." Read more

Death by a Thousand Cuts
May 2017

"How an Army of mental health professionals let my daughter down"... 
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Ethics Alive! To Record or Not To Record: The Ethics of Documentation
April 2017

"Social work documentation. Now, how exciting is that?!" ... Read more

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