OASW Response to Expert Group Consultations on Home and Community Care

OASW has provided input to the Expert Group on Home and Community Care, appointed by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. The Expert Group's primary task is to provide specific, practical recommendations to Minister Hoskins, to bring the home and community care sector to a more integrated, accessible, responsive and equitable system for individuals in need and their caregivers (both paid and unpaid). OASW consulted with social workers working in this particular field related to:
  • greatest sources of frustration, and successes;
  • changes that would increase coordination and integration of services;
  • specific ways that providers could better meet the needs of individuals and their families/unpaid caregivers; and
  • ideas regarding innovations and new approaches to care delivery.
Themes repeated in the feedback provided by the Association include the need for:
  • greater equity in access to home and community health care services across the LHINs;
  • a greater focus on preventative and rehabilitative programs and services provided by social workers and allied health professions;
  • the pivotal role played by informal caregivers and the need for an assessment of their ability to provide ongoing care as well as access to supports; 
  • the need for improved transitions in care when patients are discharged from hospital to the community; and
  • increased co-ordination and integration of services on the part of CCACs and sub-contracted agencies, etc.

About OASW
OASW is the voice of social work in Ontario. It is a voluntary, provincial, non-profit association representing approximately 5,200 social workers. All practicing members have a university degree in social work at the bachelor's, master's or doctoral level. OASW works actively to speak on behalf of social workers and advocate for the improvement of social policies and programs directly affecting social work practice and client groups served.