Ideas to Celebrate Social Work Week

This list of suggestions was inspired by activities hosted by agencies/organizations in the past. This list has been modified for Social Work Week 2021 for virtual considerations due to the COVID19 pandemic. 

Host a virtual "Lunch and Learn" seminar for other professionals/staff  

  • Choose a topic that highlights the profession's relevance
  • Utilize online conferencing platforms such as Zoom or GoToWebinar.
  • Topics might include: negotiating the role of caregiver with adult siblings; identifying when you should encourage a family member/close friend to consider counselling; etc.

Use the organization's broadcast screens to announce Social Work Week  

  • This can include a message from the director/CEO recognizing social workers
  • Simple ideas to cover costs of display/posters/recognition gifts
  • Reach out to potential sponsors & community partners to fund small gift bags or reception
  • Contribute $2 to $5 each for a small fund*

Information Displays & Distribution

  • Develop a post on your website main page about social work programs/services for various community sites 
  • Develop an article for publication in the newsletter within your agency/hospital/organization which highlights the role and contribution of social work as an allied profession within the overall health system

Educational Events  

  • Host a virtual “Lunch and Learn” seminar or a brown bag speaker for the profession on a timely topic 
  • View and discuss a workshop/presentation on OASW’s website (e.g., Professor Robert Solomon speaking on legal issues).

Promotion of Social Work with Other Professionals and Community  

  • Invite a key leader of your organization/agency to virtual lunch to celebrate and talk about the role of social workers
  • Organize a virtual information session on social work services or programs to other professionals or the public using an online webinar platform. 
  • Offer a public information webinar. Talk about the role of social work in the community
  • Submit an article to the local newspaper on a timely topic that underlines services provided by the profession 

Networking Events  

  • Organize a virtual Social Work Appreciation Breakfast or a Social Work Staff Celebration Lunch (for smaller agencies/organizations, join with other agencies in your area)
  • Plan a virtual networking luncheon and invite colleagues from other agencies.

Recognition of Social Workers  

  • Approach community partners to donate lunches and raffle gift baskets for social workers
  • Request that municipality declare Social Work Week and announce it by email and bulletin

Other Ideas  

  • Approach a local business to donate an item that can be raffled during Social Work Week with proceeds to be donated to a charitable organization that is addressing issues of concern to the profession, etc.