Previous Themes

2018: Social Workers on the Front Line of Real Issues

Social Workers: Real Expertise. Real Life. Real Impact.

 Social Workers Help Turn Issues into Answers

2015: Social Workers: Mobilizing Strengths in Individuals and Communities

 Social Workers: Champions of Positive Change

 Restoring Hope: The Power of Social Work

2012: Social Workers Help People Get Back on Track

2011: Social Workers are There For You

2010: Poverty: There Are Solutions - Social Workers Make A Difference 

2009: Social Workers: Making a Difference in the Lives of Older Adults and Their Families 

2008: Social Workers Advocating for Human Rights in a Diverse Community 

2007: Social Workers: Making a Difference in the Lives of Children and Families 

2006: Violence Hurts Everyone 

2005: Social Workers: Celebrating Community - Honouring Diversity 

2004: Social Justice: Social Work in Action 

2003: Social Work: A Unique Profession 

2002: Social Workers Are Extraordinary 

2001: Advocacy: The Foundation of Social Work Practice

2000: Social Workers: Contributing to a Community of Peace 

1999: Social Workers: Towards a Society for All Ages

1998: Social Workers: Celebrating Diversity Promoting Human Rights

1997: Social Workers: Enriching Lives and Relationships

1996: Social Workers: Fighting For Fairness

 Social Workers: Reaching Out and Working Together

1994: Social Workers: Helping Families in Tough Times