Application Requirements

A. Application Form 
If you are not applying online, a hard copy of the application form must be completed and signed by the applicant and can be faxed or scanned and emailed to the address indicated at the bottom of the application form. 

Professional development funding is considered a taxable benefit. A Social Insurance Number must be provided to comply with federal and provincial income tax laws. Recipients of funding will be issued T4A information in accordance with the Income Tax Act.  

For information about Canadian income tax requirements, please visit the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) website at

Please note that all information provided to the Professional Development Fund Administrator is strictly confidential.  Review Privacy Policy for more information.

B. Proof of Payment
An official receipt (proof of payment) issued by the deliverer of the professional development activity clearly stating the professional activity name and the registration/tuition fees paid is required. Only costs associated with the professional development activity as outlined under Reimbursable Expenses are eligible for reimbursement.  

Invoices with an outstanding balance and/or T2202A1 form will not be accepted. Only costs paid by the individual applicant are eligible for reimbursement. Costs paid by businesses are not eligible. Applications from employers will not be accepted. 

[1] T2202A (i.e., Tuition and Education Amounts Certificate) is an official income tax receipt issued by qualifying educational institutions for tuition, education and textbook tax credits that can be claimed on a personal income tax return. 

Proof of exchange rate is required for fees paid in foreign currency (otherwise the exchange rate valid on the date of transaction will be applied).  

Photocopies, faxed copies or scanned copies of original receipts are required.  

C. Proof of Completion
The professional development activity must be fully completed prior to submitting an application.  

Proof of completion can be a course certificate or transcript from the educational institution; a certificate of attendance at a conference, workshop or seminar; or a printout from a student-based web-service. 

Proof of completion stating the applicant's name, course completion date, and name of the professional development activity is required.  

Original documents are not required; photocopies are acceptable.

Documents will not be returned.

Applications that do not include proof of completion will not be considered.