Marketing Campaign


OASW's Marketing Campaign rolled out October 2015.  The goal of the campaign is to educate members of the public and key stakeholder groups about the social work profession and raise the profile of the profession.

Why is this campaign important?
Currently, members of the public know very little about the Social Work profession - Social Workers are simply not on their radar, while others hold a narrow and inaccurate impression of what social workers do. OASW's Marketing Campaign, focuses on changing these perceptions among members of the public who have never used social work service before.

Learn what social workers do here.
The desired goals of the campaign is that the public:  

  • Will hold a more favourable and more accurate perception of social workers;
  • Will seek the profession's services and encourage family and friends to see a social worker; and
  • Will have a better appreciation of Social Worker's scope of practice

Marketing Campaign Ads:

There are  7 different versions of the ad campaign.
The tagline of the marketing ad "Social Workers. Real Experts for Real Life", reflects that the core competence of social workers is the ability to anticipate, address and facilitate practical solutions for costly and important social issues.  Our profession's unique education, expertise and approach are the reasons why we are able to help resolve problems that affect people's day-to-day lives. 
Strategy Map
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Watch Our New Video: Social Workers. Real Experts for Real Life.