Accelerator Research Grants Program is on hold till further notice.

The OASW Accelerator Research Grants Program will provide three grants of up to $10,000 annually.  

Applications for funding will be accepted between January 15th and March 15th of each year.  

What are the goals of the Program?

The goals of the Grants Program are aligned with OASW’s Strategic Priority to support social work research that: 
• Builds evidence that demonstrates the value, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of social work interventions. 
• Promotes an understanding of the profession’s role and scope of practice. 
• Highlights the impact of the Social Determinants of Health on health status/health outcomes. 
• Builds partnerships between practising social work clinicians and researchers. 

Who is eligible to receive funding?   

Applicants must:  

• be an OASW member for a minimum of 6 months, prior to applying 
• be a Registered Social Worker (RSW) with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers (OCSWSSW) 
• apply on behalf of a partnership between practising clinicians and researchers who may be in social work or another discipline (e.g., medicine, pharmacy, occupational therapy) and who are embedded in academic or practice settings.

What projects are eligible for funding?

Projects that will be considered for funding may include:  

• analysis of clinical data 
• evaluation of a clinical intervention, practice changes or models of service delivery 
• program evaluation 
• surveys of practice relevant to social work interventions 
• case studies 

Areas of overarching priority include:
• acute and primary health care 
• Indigenous health 
• mental health and addictions 
• older adults and caregivers 
• social work scope of practice 

To be considered for the grant, the proposed project must: 
• involve social work clinicians as well as researchers 
• have a knowledge translation plan, which includes publishing the research findings 
• have an implementation plan and timelines for completion.