Strategic Map

Dr. Keith Adamson - OASW Strategic Map

Strategic Priorities

Building Research that Demonstrates Value
Funders and employers increasingly demand evidence of the cost-effectiveness and cost-efficiency of practice models/approaches and/or interventions.  To compete in an ever-changing and competitive job market, it is therefore imperative that the profession builds evidence that demonstrates the value of our role.  

To address this priority OASW is:
1. Actively engaging in social work research by partnering with hospitals and researchers to support pilot projects that place social workers in Emergency Departments (ED) during high volume hours of usage (e.g., 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm).  The intent of the social work intervention is to work with non-urgent care patients (frail seniors, those with chronic mental health conditions/addictions to reduce unnecessary return visits to the ED and hospital admissions.
2. Providing three (3) $10,000 Research Grants annually for social work research that provides evidence of the value of practice. Click, Research Grants to learn more.
3. Providing support to social work research projects that provide evidence of the value of social work practice through letters of support, knowledge translation, etc.

Marketing the Profession
The public is often poorly informed or has an inaccurate impression of what social workers do.  The aim of OASW's marketing campaign is to change this impression, especially with members of the public who have never used social work services.  The Association’s marketing strategy is particularly interested in influencing women because women not only seek services for themselves when needed, but also are instrumental in encouraging family and friends to seek help.  

Click here to learn more.

Support for our People (i.e., OASW Members/Social Workers)
A major focus for OASW relates to supporting social workers in building and maintaining competence to practice.  

SWSSWPD Fund - OASW effectively advocated with the Provincial government for the provision of professional development funds to support social workers in upgrading their knowledge and skills.  In 2015, as a result of this advocacy, the Ministry of Community and Social Services established a 2-year pilot project which OASW administers.  For more details click, SWSSWPDF.  

Other OASW supports include:
Professional Development 
Online Course
Provincial Conference