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Let's talk about it! Challenges in the Workplace & their Impact on Professional Practice in Social Work
octobre 2017

"By learning directly from social workers who are in the field, practising their craft, interacting with employers and clients, we have already learnt that workplace suffering is much more complex than previous research has led us to believe." Plus

Helping Patients & Families Navigate Through Challenging Circumstances
juin 2017

"In our view, the secret to living independently, safely ...

From Circus Lesson to Life Lesson
avril 2017

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Information & Communication Technologies (ICTs) & Bias-based Bullying: The Link ...

aôut 2017

"While studies highlight the risks of bias-based cyberbullying for marginalized youth, several studies have demonstrated how the online environment fosters community connection and empowerment for youth who experience marginalization." Plus

Death by a Thousand Cuts
mai 2017

"How an Army of mental health professionals let my daughter down"... 

First Nations Child Welfare and the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal 
avril 2017

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Queering Social Work Education

juillet 2017

"The first book of it's kind in North America to specifically look at how Canadian Social Work Academia takes up and addresses queer communities, contributions, and issues."

The Emerging Role of Social Work in Humanitarian Settings
avril 2017

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