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Distinctions de l'Ontario pour les services bénévoles

Purpose: The purpose of the Government of Ontario Volunteer Service Award is to honour the many Ontarians who generously contribute their time as volunteers to a large number of organizations and associations. The award recognizes volunteers who have provided service over many years.

Description: The award consists of a certificate and pin presented in ceremonies across Ontario.

Selection Criteria: OASW may submit up to seven (7) nominations to the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration annually.

All candidates selected by OASW must be members. Moreover, candidates must have been active in OASW carrying specific roles and responsibilities (i.e., involvement extends beyond simply holding membership).

The selection process will be guided by the following factors:
1. Have volunteered with OASW for a minimum of 5 consecutive years. If more than 7 nominations are received, the Board or Selection Committee will use their discretion to identify the most appropriate candidates. The Government of Ontario stipulates as a criteria serving 5 consecutive years as a volunteer in a single organization. The following levels of awards are prescribed (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30+, 40+).
2. Candidates will reflect a variety of practice sectors/areas of interest (e.g., social justice, human rights, children and families, health care) and types of practice (e.g., clinical, research, policy).
3. Candidates will be considered from regions across the province.
4. Candidates will be considered from a range of volunteer roles and activities, e.g., serving on Branch and/or Provincial Boards, committees and task groups, involvement in projects and initiatives. 

Selection Process:
-OASW Branches, Committees and Provincial Board Members can nominate candidates for this award.
-The nomination must be made in writing to the Nominating Committee highlighting the nominee's achievements and qualities, which make her/him deserving of this award.
-The OASW Nominating Committee will make the final selections. 

Award Presentation:
The recipients will receive an invitation from the Ontario Honours and Awards Secretariat to an award ceremony in their local community.

Nominations Deadline:
 Early January, annually


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Lauréats précédents : 

Francine Boudreau (Sudbury Chapitre);
Ruth Cummins (Northwestern Chapitre);
Gary Davies (Western Chapitre);
Debbie Davis (Hamilton Chapitre);
Candice Hanna (Southwestern Chapitre); et 
Stephen McDonald (Huronia Highlands Chapitre)

Nicole Best (Central Ontario Chapitre);
Sharon Evans (Midwestern Chapitre);
Dre Sally Palmer (Hamilton Chapitre);
Marco Posadas (Central Ontario Chapitre);
Kate Power (Hamilton Chapitre); et 
Bonnie Schroeder (Eastern Chapitre)

Mel Basbaum (Hamilton Chapitre, 20 year category);
Ruth Beekhuis (Niagara Chapitre, 10 year category);
Robin Frank (Northwestern Chapitre, 20 year category);
Karen Mann (Nipissing Chapitre, 25 year category);
Beverlee McIntosh (Eastern Chapitre, 25 year category); et 
Eke VanderZee (Durham-Kawartha Chapitre, 10 year category)

Nasim Banu-Ahmed (Niagara Chapitre);
Cathy Farrell (Northwestern Chapitre);
Fay Lim-Lambie (Central Ontario Chapitre);
Anne Sawarna (Western Chapitre);
Kathy Stiell (Eastern Chapitre); et 
Beatrice (Trixie) Traub-Werner (Central Ontario Chapitre)

Brian Adams (Huronia Highlands Chapitre, 25 year category);
Teresa Legowski (Northwestern Chapitre, 10 year category);
Louise Gauthier (Nipissing Chapitre, 25 year category);
Dre Nancy Riedel Bowers (Midwestern Chapitre, 10 year category);
Ola Furda (Hamilton Chapitre, 20 year category); et 
Maria DeRubeis (Southwestern Chapitre, 5 year category)

Dre Julie Woit (Northwestern Chapitre, 10 year category);
Linda Fischer (Western Chapitre, 5 year category);
Nalini Gandhi (Mid-Western Chapitre, 10 year category);
Marla Feldman (Central Ontario Chapitre, 10 year category);
Jennifer Krawczyk (Hamilton Chapitre, 10 year category); et 
Ashley Quinn (Central Ontario Chapitre, 5 year category)

Linda Goldie (Durham-Kawartha Chapitre, 20 year category);
Dre Sally Palmer (Hamilton Chapitre, 40 year category);
Renée Mallet (Francophone Director, 5 year category);
Helen Jevnikar (Western Chapitre, 10 year category);
Dre Susan Preston (Central Ontario Chapitre, 10 year category); et 
Merilyn Thompson (Midwestern Chapitre, 10 year category)

Marie Turcotte (Sudbury Chapitre, 25 year category);
Margaret Nelson (Eastern Chapitre, 25 year category);
Dre Anne Toth (Western Chapitre, 20 year category);
Dre Sandra Campbell (Mid-Western Chapitre, 20 year category);
Dre Dan Andreae (Central Ontario Chapitre, 20 year category); et
Barbara Robinson (Niagara Chapitre, 15 year category)

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