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Le Prix d’excellence du travail social scolaire de l’ATTSO 

Objet : The OASW School Social Work Committee is committed to the development, promotion, and advocacy of School Social Work for the purpose of improving the quality of education and life for children, families, and communities in Ontario.

Description : The School Social Work Achievement Award consists of a personal plaque and inscription of the winner's name on a larger plaque hanging at the OASW Provincial Office.

Critères de sélection : A nominee must be a School Social Worker in Ontario (a member of Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers) current or former employee in a school board.

Nominations should include a story about how this person best exemplifies specific examples of every day successes in the field of school social work. Examples could include someone who is new to the field, who has created/been involved with an innovative project or program, the person who goes beyond, a difficult attendance case where someone was persistent, etc...

The Committee's selection will be based solely on the information provided.

Processus de sélection :
- Any individual or group can nominate a School Social Worker for this award by completing the nomination form.
- Members of the School Social Work Committee of the OASW cannot make nominations.
- Nominations of individuals who have served on the School Social Work Committee of the OASW cannot be accepted until three years have passed.
- Nominees are advised of their nomination by those who nominated them.
- Nominations will be reviewed and a selection made by the School Social Work Committee

Award Presentation: The nominees and the winner will be included in the School Social Work Newsletter and on the OASW website following the announcement of the winner at the annual School Social Work Symposium.

Nomination Deadline: September, annually.


Établi en : 1995

Rècipiendaire ancienne :
Patricia Codner (2016)
Martha Brunet (2015)
Theresa Gray-Sorichetti (2014) 
John Wilhelm (2013)

Uma Agarwal (2012)
Kathy Charteris (2011)
Rose Vetere (2010)
Sandra Parkins (2009)
Jane Loughborough (2008)
Glenn Carley (2007)
Diana Riopel (2006)
Frank Orlando (2005)
Dana Riddell (2004)
Marcia Powers-Dunlop (2002)
Maureen O'Neil (2001)
Don Deathe (2000)
Lynne Duncombe (2000)
Peter Kirchner (1999)
Lyla Barclay (1997)
Vince Wall (1997)
Theresa Ravanello (1995)
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