Call for Nominations for OASW Board of Directors, 2017-2019

It is an exciting time to consider serving on OASW’s Provincial Board of Directors.

The OASW Board of Directors is composed of 13 members. Terms of office are staggered so that not all positions are up for election at the same time.

Each year OASW has a call for nominations in January at which time six positions come up for election. The next election will be for the term 2018-2020
All OASW members are entitled to nominate persons to run for these positions.

Nominees can self-nominate.

OASW encourages nominations of all qualified individuals including Aboriginal peoples, persons with disabilities, members of racially and ethnically diverse communities, and persons of any sexual orientation or gender identity.

In times of economic uncertainty and restructuring, strong leadership is essential: 
    • to promote the important and valuable work that Ontario social workers perform on a daily basis with government and 
    • to ensure that the profession’s perspective on key issues of social justice and human rights is heard.

Consider how your leadership skills can help OASW and the social work profession move forward with a clear vision for the future.    

Ces renseignements sont disponibles en français.

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