2018 Election Results 

A record number of OASW members voted electronically in the 2018 elections. This response was heartening as it demonstrates OASW members’ interest in the ongoing governance of our strong association. A special thank you to all candidates who put their names forward. We welcomed their enthusiasm and commitment to OASW. 

Here are the final results for the 2018 elections:

President: Dr. Peter Donahue, elected by acclamation
Treasurer-Secretary: Patrick Fleming, elected
Central Ontario Regional Director: Christie Hayos, re-elected
Eastern Regional Director: Evelyn Weger, elected by acclamation
Hamilton-Niagara Regional Director: Dr. Christina Harrington, re-elected by acclamation
Francophone Director: Sylvie Rivard, elected 

As of May 4th, they will join on the Board (one year remaining in current term):

Past President: Dr. Keith Adamson (two-year term)
Vice-President, Branch Affairs: Dr. Angela Hovey
Vice-President, Social and Professional Advocacy: Dr. Ellen Sue Mesbur
Central Ontario Regional Director: Nancy Webb
Northern Regional Director: Allyson Shpirko
SouthEastern Regional Director: Lisa Van Hezewijk
SouthWestern Regional Director: Candice Hanna
Student Director: David Knezevic (term ends fall 2019) 

We look forward to welcoming everyone and introducing the new Board at our AGM on May 4, 2018.

Nominating Committee

- The Nominating Committee is mandated in the Association's bylaws to call for nominations for Executive Officers and Board Directors and to oversee the election process.
- The Nominating Committee also provides recommendations for awards. Click Awards for more information.
- The Nominating Committee is reappointed annually following the Annual General Meeting as set out by Association bylaws.

Committee Members

Dr. Ellen Sue Mesbur, Chair (Vice-President, Social and Professional Advocacy)
Cathy Farrell (Northwestern Branch)
Patrick Fleming (Western Branch)
Dr. Christina Harrington (Hamilton-Niagara Regional Director)
Martine Surprenant, Francophone Director (Eastern Branch)
Nancy Webb (Central Ontario Regional Director)
Evelyn Weger (Eastern Branch)
Joan MacKenzie Davies, Chief Executive Officer