OASW’s 2022-2027 Strategic Plan

Moving Ahead Together, OASW’s new five-year Strategic Plan, builds on the successes of our organization and our members over the past 18 months and sets a bold path for the future of the profession. Watch our video, download the plan, or scroll down to learn more – and join us as we chart the future of social work over the next five years.

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Cover page of summary version of OASW's 2022-2027 Strategic Plan

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Cover page of detailed version of OASW's 2022-2027 Strategic Plan

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Our Foundation

Mission | OASW: The voice of the social work profession
Vision | Mobilizing mental health and wellbeing across Ontario
Values | Our work is guided by the following values:
Equity Integration: We engage our members in taking action and in embarking on a journey of equity integration in our work and our profession.
Integrity: We prioritize ethical approaches and encourage ongoing critical thinking and reflection.
Courage: We dig deep and move forward with openness and vulnerability.
Respect: We value relationships rooted in transparency, reciprocity, and achieving a shared purpose.
Drive: We are motivated by initiating meaningful action that inspires progress and evidence informed action.
Innovation: We thrive when we create solutions embedded in critical thinking and continuous improvement.


Our Strategic Directions

At the core of our four strategic directions is our commitment to advance the social work profession. We intend to do so through collaboration, raising awareness, and providing our current and future members with accessible opportunities for their professional development, advocacy, networking, and engagement. We are committed to integrating equity-based frameworks in everything we do and to reinforcing our accountability through action and continuous monitoring.

1: Shaping the Future of Social Work. Increasing visibility and respect for the social work profession. Strengthening our collective voice.

Over the next five years, we commit to “Shaping the Future of Social Work” through:

Define and raise awareness of social work as a profession.

Provide a collective voice for social workers in Ontario by advocating for issues that matter the most to our members and their communities.

Enhance our reputation through mutually beneficial strategic partnerships, raising the visibility of our profession.

Forecasting Needs
Identify and respond to the evolving needs of the social work profession.

Data Management
Collect, cultivate, and acquire primary and secondary data to drive informed and effective decision making for our profession.

2: Leading Equity Integration. Standing against racism, oppression and discrimination.

We will exemplify our commitment to equity integration through four focus areas, informed by an anti-oppressive, intersectional, and anti-racist lens:

INSPIRE ACTION: Changes that make an impact

INTENTIONAL AWARENESS: Critical reflective practice

INNOVATIVE EDUCATION: Excellence in development & delivery

INFLUENCE CHANGE: Critical transformations together

Over the next five years, we commit to “Leading Equity Integration” through:

Enhancing Professional Development/Knowledge
Develop resources, training and policy recommendations that support social workers in implementing equity principles in their practice.

Amplifying Diverse Perspectives
Build an Association and membership that reflects the incredible diversity of Ontario’s communities and the social work profession. Engage with, listen to, and elevate the diverse voices and experiences of our members.

Integrating Critical Reflection
Integrate critical reflection into the profession by providing members with the tools and resources needed to integrate and engage in critical reflective practice in their work.

Building Intentional Partnerships
Advance discourses on equity, disparities and disproportionalities with key stakeholders and decisionmakers to drive transformational change and outcomes together.

3: Growing our Membership & Enhancing our Engagement: Developing healthy and active networks. Reflecting the diversity of the profession.

Over the next five years, we commit to “Growing our Membership & Enhancing our Engagement” through:

Collective Identity
Foster a strong sense of belonging, community and collective unity amongst social workers and their networks. 

Growth and Retention
Engage with different sectors, students, Indigenous and Francophone communities, and under-represented individuals, while applying a data-informed approach to grow our membership. 

Professional Development and Education
Facilitate continuous learning by offering training and resources that enhance the application of best practice, evidence-based approaches, and collaboration.  

Prioritizing Equity Integration
Understand the needs and circumstances of members, enhancing authentic engagement with individuals from diverse identities and lived experiences. 

Accessibility and Modernization
Apply an accessibility lens and useful technological platforms to expand, enhance and align member services, meeting evolving needs. 

Enhancing Membership Engagement
Initiate integrated engagement strategies to improve members’ experiences across distinct sectors and stages in their career. 

Community and Networking
Develop channels so that members can share valuable knowledge and professional insights. 

4: Building a Sustainable Future. Prioritizing our future through culture, innovation and technology.

Over the next five years, we commit to “Building a Sustainable Future” through:

Increasing Capacity
Build our capacity by refining our internal systems, streamlining our work, and applying technology to enhance our efficiency as an organization.

Diversifying Revenue
Seek and sustain a variety of funding streams outside of membership fees to ensure the organization’s financial security, stability, and flexibility. 

Nurturing our Culture
Maintain our strong morale and positive culture through reinforcing trust, offering flexibility, and encouraging transparency and collaboration.  

Planning for Succession
Reduce knowledge silos by identifying core roles and competencies, empowering those demonstrating leadership, and leveraging technology for effective knowledge transfer. 

Systems and Processes
Develop sustainable frameworks, systems and processes to ensure that our services, benefits, communications strategy, advocacy efforts and initiatives remain aligned with members’ needs.