Land Acknowledgement Guide

OASW has begun an internal journey on our path towards understanding truth and advancing reconciliation. Our team and Board have and will continue to engage in learning to support our personal and professional growth, reflection, understanding and action on reconciliation. We remain dedicated to developing learning opportunities and resources to assist our members to do the same.

As part of this work, OASW has developed and is pleased to share this Land Acknowledgement Guide to assist in developing personalized land acknowledgments as one means to support continued action on reconciliation.

The delivery of a land acknowledgement by settlers (non-Indigenous individuals) is meant to be a personalized and meaningful practice that calls on the speaker to acknowledge the land and those who have traditionally occupied and cared for it, as well as to reflect personally on their connection to the land and their responsibility to take action to address the history and ongoing legacy of colonialism.

The guide contains key questions, prompts and resources to help you develop your own personalized land acknowledgment that includes the following elements:

  • Accurately acknowledging the land you are on
  • Educating the listeners about the impacts of colonialism
  • Sharing your positionality, commitment, and responsibility to reconciliation